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Indulge deeply into a perfect balance of flavor, aroma, and sophistication... All in one cigar.

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Being Galano

  • Expertly handcrafted cigars
  • from the finest blends
  • in Ybor City: the cigar capital of the world.
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Embrace Excellence

Behind every cigar we make... For everything we do...

We believe in challenging the status quo.

Let's challenge the notion that cigar manufacturers who have done it right for the last 50 years are the only ones that can do it right. We do what we do because we believe we can do better.

We are here to offer you the finest cigars in the world.

It's easy for us to use the best materials available. But that is not enough. We want to work on crafting an entire experience for you; an experience that is different from everything you know. From creation and aging, to packaging and customer service...

... We embrace excellence.

A cigar is like a box of chocolates

New to the cigar world?

If you are new to cigars and are looking for a place to start, consider yourself lucky. Come in and learn about cigar basics and how to make sure your first cigar is one to remember.